Grant. - Harley Davidson Super Glide owner

Just an email to let you know I have fitted the Fournales HD-All Alloy shocks you sent to me, to my 2011 Harley Super Glide.

The shocks themselves are a work of art, I am a fitter machinist toolmaker by trade and recognize quality when I see it, so we are off to a great start! Beautifully made, really. I fitted them as per instructions and no problems there.

So, now, lets go for a ride, bloody hell, I can not believe the difference in my bike, straight away I felt how much better it was, it is very hard to describe what one feels through the seat of one's pants, but, the bike feels all connected now, just a staggering difference, so good.

And with a 1,000Km break in period if they feel any better it will be truly amazing.

I have been riding motorcycles for about 45 years now, including minibikes when I was a younger kid than I am now! and have fitted a lot of aftermarket parts, these are the best product I have fitted to any of my bikes by far.

I did a lot of research before deciding on Fournales, all the higher end suspension products talk themselves up big time, as they have to do in this competitive marketplace, but when you purchase a product that not only lives up to its claims, but then exceeds them that is a great feeling.

You are receiving this email from a very happy man.