Influencer & Creator Affiliate Program

Make Money by Doing What You Do Best

Whether you are on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, you have the power to earn your way and grow your following by creating Fournales branded content that fits your style. 

At Fournales, we believe in high-quality relationships that are as durable as our products.

We want to help you learn more about the technology we use and what makes it so unique, and we also want to make sure that partnering with us will get you a significant and steady stream of revenues.

Fournales Influencer & Creator Affiliate Program

But it's not for everyone...

The size of your community is not necessarily what will drive the decision to welcome you - or not - into our Influencer & Creator Affiliate Program.

It is more based on who you are, the authenticity of your authority, what you believe in and how close and engaged you are from your community.


Who is it for

• You are an Influencer or a creator on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

• Your account must be about motorcycles, cars, off-roading, racing, overlanding, adventure that requires an engine, mechanic... and everything in that vein.

• You have a loyal and engaged community that follows and interact with you.

• You have joined or will join soon Shopify Collabs.

• Like we do, you believe that "Loyalty Makes You Family".


We plan to launch this new program in October 2022, but you can already reach out to us and jump today at the top of the list.


Simply contact us and tell us why you think working together makes so much sense.