Oleo-pneumatic Technology


Don't drive. Fly!

Do you know why airplanes use air shocks and suspensions and not traditional springs?

That’s because when you have to land a 203,000lbs piece of metal going 200ft a second without a single bolt breaking.

Not once but twice a day for 10 years straight.

You can’t rely solely on metal. 

Traditional springs get worn, can sag and can even break at one point.

You need material whose performance and quality remain constant over time.


When I worked on the Concorde, I was impressed by the pristine quality of its landing gear and suspension systems.

Concorde Aircraft Suspensions

As a professional motocross rider, I was dazzled by how “smooth” landings felt.

Like we landed on cushions.

I felt like every rider or pilot out there should experience what it’s like to be riding on a cloud. 

That’s why I designed the first Air Shock and Suspension technology for cars and bikes. Inspired directly from airplane and space shuttle suspensions.

Its name – Oleo-pneumatic Technology – is a little bit complicated but I’ll explain.

It’s a compound made of 2 parts: an air spring (pneumatic) and a hydraulic shock absorber made of oil (oleo).

Using air makes one major difference: it improves the curve of absorption.

Common metal spring shocks have a constant curve. It’s not adaptive.

Air allows you to get a progressive curve that’s more sensitive at the beginning, like an air cushion effect that evolves and becomes harder the more you push, ending in a straight curve, meaning no bottoming out.

Other than durability, the oleo-pneumatic technology has 2 advantages over traditional springs:  

  1. They keep your wheels on the road at all times.
    Even in very rough terrain because the air adapts to the level of the road (not always the case with springs).

  2. They’re easier to tweak according to your weight, load, height and use.
    Instead of having to calibrate dozens of parameters, you just increase or decrease the psi with a pump.

This improved handling and adherence make your vehicle more efficient so faster.

Motocross rider in the mud with Fournales suspensions

French motocross rider Vincent Turpin declared that he gained 1 to 2 seconds on a track with Fournales on his bike.

Plus they’re more comfortable because the air acts as a cushion: you don’t feel the grooves of the road and the odd bit of gravel or bump gets absorbed by the air.

If your main objective is comfort, safety and speed, then give the Fournales Shocks and Suspensions a try!

And if you still have doubts, check what other drivers and riders have to say about them.