What People Say

Find below what the people who actually use Fournales Suspensions have to say about it.

"Comfort with these suspensions is impressive; all the small faults on the road are erased, and these shock absorbers bring ride mitigation far superior to the original mounts.

On the large, dry, and stony tracks, great comfort is felt. In stand-up riding and jumping over crevices caused by runoff from the past few weeks, the bike doesn't move, and the grip is perfect."

Philip - Adventure Rider on BMW 1250GS

"I adopted the Fournales shock on the advice of a technician [Competitor Brand] who considered it more suitable for trails than that of his brand (True!).

Installed on a Honda Transalp, it was used intensively, 12 months a year, with several long trips.

If I had to sum it up in 2 words: flexibility and rigor.

What is striking when sitting on the bike is the softness felt, which is confirmed when you start riding. Road unevenness is absorbed. From the first bends, it is its efficiency that is revealed; the bike is guided better.

With 220,000 miles on the clock and a first service after 70,000 miles, the excellent longevity of this suspension is one of its qualities."

Christian - Adventure Pilot Honda Transalp

"Hi! My bike is a 1978 Low Rider.

I purchased a set of Fournales in 1989.

Since that time, I would have easily done 375,000 miles on all types of roads. I've always ridden my bike pretty hard and, with the Fournales, the ride has been exceptional.

I highly recommend them to anybody who is thinking of purchasing a set. It was not until 2016 that one of them collapsed, and I sent them to you for refurbishing".

Tahei - Harley Davidson Low Rider Owner

"On degraded tracks, we were able to confirm that the suspension of the Toyota Hilux was particularly effective.

With the shock absorbers inflated to 9 bars at the rear, it offers an excellent level of comfort, without suffering from excess flexibility which could affect handling and road holding."

Christophe Desguioz - Rally Raid Pilot Toyota Hilux

"With the 245 horsepower of the Wrangler, the sensations are exceptional as the steering is so precise and the traction is optimal thanks to a ground connection that seems to stick this Jeep to the dirt whatever happens.

When the terrain gets rougher, where we expect an effective response, it is on a cushion of air that we pass without any loss of course."

Didier G. - Test Pilot Action 4x4 on Wrangler JK

"When, on some motorcycle systems, the pressure can reach 200 bar (that's 3,000 Psi), there's no room for cutting corners; components and assembly must be perfect should the product reach the half-million kilometers, it's designed to withstand - and on any road including "challenging Australian outback ones.

That's the bottom line: and it's far from easy to improve on a design that has proven itself in Australia with extraordinary performances - especially in comfort and disappearance of the dreaded bottoming-out."

Cruiser & Trike Magazine

"After the Fournales were fitted on the Sportster, you could feel them at work.

Focus on the rear Fournales shocks, and the feeling is completely different: it's obviously floating on air.

A quick squirt up the Highway and the Fournales shocks are excellent; the rear wheel is hugging the bitumen like s##t to a blanket."

Evy - Art Director Ozbike on Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

"The biggest difference it makes is on the traction. I save between 1 and 2 seconds a tour with these suspensions."

Vincent Turpin - Honda Pilot

"The Fournales suspensions for Buell offer the same advantages and are built to the same high standards as the units the company produces for Harley."

American Motorcycle Dealer Magazine

"Effectively, on the road, the Nissan Patrol takes less body roll; it corners flatter and crashes less under braking, while the tires stick well to the asphalt.

A true pleasure. Its fast driving performance is improved.

When crossing, the suspensions are not limited in travel and on North African tracks; in fast and intensive use, they do not heat up. Our Patrol swallows the slopes with relish; jumping over dunes becomes a game. We really want to attack. Almost too much!

Attention, these suspensions push the limits of this 4x4!"

Action 4x4 Magazine

"Thanks to Fournales and its oleo-pneumatic suspensions, thousands of Harley Davidsons are much better dampened than the original ones."

Charlie Lecach - Harley Davidson & Good Vibrations

"Fournales, a pioneer in oleo-pneumatic suspensions, is a well-known French brand in competition: harder, more robust, excellent in terms of stress, less subject to heating, these tubes are perfect for such a raid, especially when fully loaded."

Action 4x4 Magazine

"From the first meters, I felt I was dealing with Fournales suspensions.

Only an oleo-pneumatic shock absorber offers such smoothness and comfort."

Camy - Test Pilot for Moto Magazine

"Originally, the bike was unstable in the many bumpy curves of the Isle of Man.

I put on a Fournales, and instantly I gain 25 seconds per lap (over 60km).

I had a perfect feeling, and I kept overtaking latecomers.

A spectator said to me: You're the only one whose bike doesn't move in Braddan Bridge or Bray Hill."

Marc Granie - Yamaha Endurance Pilot on Yamaha R1

Just an email to let you know I have fitted the Fournales HD-All Alloy shocks you sent to me, to my 2011 Harley Super Glide.

The shocks themselves are a work of art, I am a fitter machinist toolmaker by trade and recognize quality when I see it, so we are off to a great start! Beautifully made, really. I fitted them as per instructions and no problems there.

So, now, lets go for a ride, bloody hell, I can not believe the difference in my bike, straight away I felt how much better it was, it is very hard to describe what one feels through the seat of one's pants, but, the bike feels all connected now, just a staggering difference, so good.

And with a 1,000Km break in period if they feel any better it will be truly amazing.

I have been riding motorcycles for about 45 years now, including minibikes when I was a younger kid than I am now! and have fitted a lot of aftermarket parts, these are the best product I have fitted to any of my bikes by far.

I did a lot of research before deciding on Fournales, all the higher end suspension products talk themselves up big time, as they have to do in this competitive marketplace, but when you purchase a product that not only lives up to its claims, but then exceeds them that is a great feeling.

You are receiving this email from a very happy man.

Grant. - Harley Davidson Super Glide owner