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Vendor : Fournales Suspensions

Product Type : Motor Vehicle Suspension Parts

Sku : MA110011

The Fournales Mono-Shock is our bullet-proof mono-shock suspension. It will help your bike not o More....

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The Fournales Mono-Shock is our bullet-proof mono-shock suspension. It will help your bike not only to corner better, but it will also provide the same high level of comfort found in our twin shock setups.

Fournales high-pressure air mono-shocks have several advantages over the usual coil-sprung aftermarket shocks:

• They offer an exceptionally comfortable ride

• The suspension can be adjusted for much wider ranges of weights than a conventional shock

• While it is incredibly comfortable, it will also improve the motorcycle's mechanical cornering abilities. Better suspension means a better contact patch, which is key to good traction.

• Due to the fully Aluminum 7075 structure, and the lack of helicoidal spring it allows us to cut the weight down while retaining an incredibly solid structure. Making it one of the lightest shocks on the market sitting at 2.5-4 pounds per unit depending on the motorcycle it is made for.

• Easy and straightforward access to the suspension’s air adjustment valve, which makes for simple changes. Although most aftermarket mono-shocks offer preload adjustment on the spring, getting the C-wrench around the nut can be quite difficult.

• If you like to keep your bike clean, and spotless, the no-coil design makes the shock not only easy to clean but also easier to keep clean.

• Another element that is a highlight of our general suspension system, is that it is almost impossible to bottom out thanks to our air spring.


Like all of our suspensions, The Fournales Mono-Shock can be serviced and refurbished, to make its lifetime relative to your bike’s lifetime. When serviced by our team or accredited partners, your suspension's warranty is reset and renewed for 2 years.

Each Mono-Shock is built to order for each client. We reach out to you when we receive your order to discuss more precisely your customization needs, in terms of height, weight, load, and use.

These suspensions come with a 2-year warranty, starting from the day you receive the products.

The warranty is extended for an additional 2-year period after being rebuilt or serviced by our team or one of our accredited partners.